Would we do Lent again next year?

  Yes, I would… in the sense that I would do something to prepare my heart and the heart of my children for the most important celebration on a Christian’s calendar – Resurrection Sunday.  It is in this sense that I am using the word Lent here.  I don’t need to call it Lent, although […]

Thursday – Passover feast

Lambs are just as cute as bunnies and chicks! Last year we “rented” baby chicks for 2 weeks around Easter and within the first few days my kids were in love with them.  Needless to say, there were tears when we had to bring them back to the farm.  So what if there was a […]

3rd Sunday of Lent

It sounded something like this when my kids sleepily realized what day it was… “I love Sunday’s!” The sugar we ate today isn’t the only thing they were looking forward to, but it’s builds anticipation and it’s a sweet reminder to our senses that God is good. “Oh taste and see that the Lord is […]

Lent begins, and reminds me of fighting

Our family started Lent today with words of reminders to the kids that sounded like we were preparing them for something that would take a really long time. “40 days!”  They exclaimed as the reality of what we were doing sunk in.  As a family we won’t be obeying our cravings for sweet things during […]

Why are we talking about Easter now?

Wait!  It’s already time to prepare for Easter? Isn’t Easter still months away? Yes, but Lent starts soon. Something I’ve been mulling over for a while. Lent is a new concept for me.  Most people I’ve talked to think it’s a thing Catholics have to do before Easter, but I’ve also begun to hear the […]