Passion Week – Saturday

Blacks and Grays, Silence, Guards.   Blacks and Grays symbolize the darkness of our Savior’s death and the fear with which they sealed His tomb with guards. A black table cloth and the seven lifeless candles sit on the table making the room dark, eerily silent. We’re waiting for Sunday.  Darkness is a vivid visual. Why […]

Passion Week – Thursday (Passover)

Reds, Browns, A Lamb, Blood on the Doorposts, Unleavened Bread, A Passover Feast…   Today is rich with imagery! Reds and Browns are still on the walls because the cross is very near now.   But there is a grand story to tell today and we will use food to tell it. We wish we could […]

Passion Week – Wednesday

Reds, Browns, Thirty Coins.   Reds and Browns on the walls until Thursday because of the cross Jesus is going towards. Today, Wednesday, the visual is thirty coins for the price paid for Jesus’ life. The timeline of Passion week is here for referencing other stories that happened today. A white board calendar and some […]

Passion Week – Tuesday

Reds, Browns, Two Coins.   Reds and Browns on the walls until Thursday because of the cross Jesus is going towards. Today, Tuesday, the visual is two coins for the story of the widow’s mites (Mk. 12, Luke 21). The timeline of Passion week is here for reference and other stories that also happened today. […]

Passion Week – Monday

Reds, Browns, Figs, Doves Reds and Browns on the walls Today, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the cross He is headed for. Today, Monday, the visual is figs for the story Jesus told when he cursed the fig tree with no fruit (Mt. 21, Mk. 11) and doves representing when Jesus cleared the temple of […]

Palm Sunday – 6th Sunday

Palm leaves, purples and blues of royalty color our imaginations today. Palm Sunday’s ironic parade begins our celebration of Passion week. Today for the Sunday feast we put a purple table cloth on the table and bought some purple and blue foods to eat, as well as dates (in honor of the palms) as a […]

The Climax of the Entire Calendar is Upon Us

A feast, a celebration, a party like no other. Preparing for Resurrection Sunday? Resurrection Sunday is a shadow of that someday soon feast – The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Can I venture to say that it is the largest celebration for Christians on this planet, even larger than Christmas! Yes, Jesus was born, but […]

Light and Dark for Lent – Fifth Sunday

  I am the Resurrection and the life” -John 11   As the Sunday feasting ends, and night closes in, we put the candles on the table. Beginning with 4 candles snuffed out and 3 lit, here is the reminder of light and darkness.   As true as the sun in the sky, there stood […]

Light and Dark for Lent – 4th Sunday

What is the dark? Not seeing the point of Jesus being there, so continuing as you always have What is the light? Seeing Jesus brightly and following joyously…even carelessly     Begin with 3 candles snuffed out and 4 candles lit. John 9 – “As long as I am in the world, I am the […]

Light and Dark for Lent – Third Sunday

The Feast: today is not just about a lot of food but His words, and on Sunday we enjoy our fill of Him – always more than enough. The Fast: our full bellies and hearts take us into another week of following our King in the dark trenches. Remind yourself to pray often (you’re going […]