Jesus’ Birthday Party – An all day feast!

Birthday plans—finalized! We sat down as a family last week and talked about what each person enjoys doing (or eating) to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, then we picked a few and created a plan. Jesus’ Birthday is the biggest birthday celebration of the year. It should involve as much (and more) attention than my child’s birthday. […]

Advent this weekend. May I help with a few of our favorite ideas?

Finding ideas for Advent that are not just slapped with “Happy Birthday, Jesus” stickers is difficult. But I love Advent for just this reason—it takes searching, planning, and preparation! There is some very meaningful Advent ideas out there! I want my kids to feel the anticipation all month long that something amazing is coming on […]

Making ornaments for Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree

December 1st is less than a week away!  I’ve been working on my ornaments for Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree and there is a lot of cutting. I actually cut out 100 circles! 25 for the front and 25 for the back x’s 2 because my children want do the countdown on their own tree rather than […]

And a little book is born…just in time for Christmas

Feels like I’ve birthed another baby! It’s just a book, but the effort was great and the gestation longer than I anticipated.  It’s name is Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree. I mentioned it last year in the blog, but it’s no longer a dream. It’s a real tangible book that I’m actually holding.  I can scarcely believe […]

Christmas Day

The day we’ve been preparing for all month long is finally here!  We’ve decorated for it and counted down the days.  We’ve baked and bought special food just for this occasion.  There are treasures and aromas all around that we only have once a year.  Now we will feast, and sing, and play games and […]

Santa Lucia Day

December 13th in the Scandinavian countries is Santa Lucia Day.  Although it is not vital to celebrating Jesus’ birthday, the nostalgia of Santa Lucia  nudged it into our December calendar.  On this day we do all the things that remind me of my Scandinavian heritage.  We read stories of Norwegian Nisse (a small gnome) and […]

Saint Nicholas Day – Santa?

How do we deal with the ever present Santa Claus invading my kids eyes and ears every day for a month before Christmas?  I began asking this question when my oldest was about 3 and everyone was asking her what she wanted from Santa.  I do not think that my disappointment in the the modern […]

December countdown to Christmas

An idea was planted in my head a few years back when my friend and I were looking at a Jesse tree book.  She thought it would be neat to find all the objects in that book and use them as ornaments and a countdown to Christmas in December.  I loved this idea but our […]