I am just one voice among many.  A follower of Christ with a mind full of ideas I’ll never accomplish in this lifetime.

I am a wife of a deep thinking pastor, a mother of a 8 and 10 yr. old, a member of a 7 yr old church family, and an artist by night.  I have been building our family calendar since 2009 when our daughter was 1.  I am an admirer of Noel Piper and Barbara Rainey for all their experience in making Christ central in their celebrations and decorations.  I have used many of their ideas.  I love the Jesus Storybook Bible, the Bible Project, What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver, and Marty Machowski’s books for children among others.  We are a reading family and go through several chapter books a month read out loud as a family.  This year, I learned to appreciate fantasy books more; especially the ones that paint with words a beautiful picture of a biblical theme.  My sentiments have turned the same way towards musicians who also paint beautiful pictures of Christ with their stories and allegory.  That kind of creativity in song and writing is a gift! I have been shaped the most by my husband’s relentless focus on following Christ and his simple approach to church and life.  I love following Christ because of him.  Following is not a drudgery or something we check off a list; it’s raw, messy and real.  He should be writing this journal.  But his encouragement has made me want to try and his love for theology and research keep me in check with every word I post.  He is the confidence I wish I had…my opposite…a gift God knew I needed.