Passion Week – Saturday

Blacks and Grays, Silence, Guards.


Blacks and Grays symbolize the darkness of our Savior’s death and the fear with which they sealed His tomb with guards. A black table cloth and the seven lifeless candles sit on the table making the room dark, eerily silent. We’re waiting for Sunday.  Darkness is a vivid visual.

Why do I bother putting visuals in front of my eyes?

Why do I bother writing about these visuals where people can see?

I’ve been asking myself these questions this week. I know why I do it personally – because my human mind is weak and forgetful. If I didn’t put a signpost in my way, I would keep going as normal – just another week, or do what’s easy (and usually meaningless). Like a child, the pile of rocks in front of me makes me lift my head to stop, think, and remember. Maybe it’s just because I think like an artist, so I need pictures…but I know I’m not alone in this thinking.

Why am I writing it down for others to see? Every family is different and is going to do their own thing anyways.  This is very true and I doubt I will ever see that change in our individualistic society here in America. But maybe, by being brave, I’ll start a conversation that slows a lover of Christ down and lift their head to Christ. By pausing and setting rocks in front of us, we suddenly remember what we already know, seeing something we missed (or forgot) because our noses were down in the grind of life.

My hope? To fellowship with my brothers and sisters in this remembering. Maybe we can even make some of the same pile of rocks together. Or I can help another who has never made a pile of rocks before. Communing as followers of Christ is not just for the Lord’s supper and our church service, but life. Fasts and feasts and piles of rocks are some of the signposts of life that make us stop and remember and do something different than the mundane.


As the Climax of the Christian Calendar,

Resurrection week is a beautiful place to start building rock piles.


The DARK week is about to turn into a FEAST OF LIGHT!

Sunday is coming! Today I will take away all the dark colors around the house and replace them with WHITE, for the purity of Jesus’ wonderful name wrapped around His followers, and YELLOW, for the glory of God’s light conquering the darkness, and GREEN for life – Jesus’ life and ours. Yes, He conquered death so that we could have new life, being born again as a tender sprout of green or wobbly baby – Growing.

And this silly girl, who thinks in colors, has picked out a bunch of white, green and yellow foods to eat for our Resurrection Celebration tomorrow. I told you, this whole week looks a lot like the wordless book! I may sound strange, but that’s ok. I sure do love using the creativity God gave to celebrate Him and love on Him…


It’s not about how it looks,

it’s in the art of doing it that I find my heart worshipping – regardless of the outcome.


If I’m too busy finding songs, eating the sweets, searching for the hidden, playing games, telling stories, and feasting to write tomorrow…

Happy Resurrection Sunday to you!


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